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Primary Academy

Y6 Mr Baker and Mrs Buttress

Welcome to the page for Year 6 classes!

This is the place you will find links to support your children's learning - we look forward to hearing what you get up to.

Looking for ways to keep active?  Here are some ideas for you.

Term 6

Hello Year 6!  You will find all of the documents needed for the week below.

Week 8

It would be very mean of us to ask you to work over the next couple of days, however, we also know that some of you really enjoy having something to do.  If you choose to do some work then here it is!

This week, we recommend you complete the 8 English lessons on the Wakelet   'You Are Awesome' which you started last week and add anything to your projects that you think would be good to have.  If you would like to continue with any Maths or English lessons this week or over the holidays, then the

BBC daily lessons 

or the Oak National Academy 

are good places to look. 

Both these sites cover other subjects too.

Make sure you use the Wakelet for the English please as there are a lot of videos. 



Even though you won't be coming back to school at Seathorne, we will still award you certificates if you want to take part in the reading challenge.

Over the summer, we would love it if could take part in our 'Summer Reading Challenge'.  All you need to do is print off the Bingo card, or make a note of when you completed each one.  It's as easy as that!  Certificates will be awarded for taking part, for completing a line and for completing the whole Bingo card.  So get reading!  The Bingo card has been uploaded for you.