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Primary Academy

Y4 - Miss Scaife + Mrs O'Brien

Welcome to the page for Year 4 classes!

This is the place you will find links to support your children's learning - we look forward to hearing what you get up to.

If you are new to our school, do call the office to arrange a visit to meet our Team and see what brilliant things your child could be exploring very soon.

Why not try out our Reading Bingo!  Eyes down and here we go!

Home Learning Tasks

Hello Year 4! 

We are going to use this page to share your learning throughout the week. You will always be able to find the timetable for the week on here with learning that you are expected to do. The resources you will need will be on this page or in your pack. We have also included a list of other activities you may wish to do at home and please feel free to do any extra home learning of your choice to share with your teacher. We look forward to seeing your amazing work!  

Many thanks 

Miss Scaife and Mrs O’ Brien

Ideas for extra activities

Rolling numbers times tables


Duo Lingo  


Friday 27th March

  • Complete a further 5/15 of your TTRS garage games or have a go at Carol Vorderman’s game (link below)

  • Write a conversation between two characters in the Red Prince book. Each character must speak 3 times and neither of them must say yes or no.

(Remember your punctuation ).

  • Write a book review about the audio book or a book of your choice. Use the template on the class page to help you.
  •  Geography – Draw a picture of the water cycle and label what is happening in each part.

(Use these words to help: Evaporation, Precipitation, Condensation) use the link to help you

  • Read for 15 minutes

Thursday 26th March

  •  Compete the fraction sheet of your choice. Can you complete all starting with bronze? Challenge yourself.
  • Use the Red Prince Pictures in your pack. Make a list of adjectives and nouns that describe or are in the pictures. Then, use your FANTASTICS and create some super sentences.
  • Look at the Pobble 365 picture for today. Make as many inferences as you can, draw the eyes for what you can see and then the magnifying glass to share what you infer.
  • PE – Make an activity circuit in your garden or in a safe place in your house. Time yourself while you complete it. Complete it 3 times - see if you can beat your time each time.
  • Read for 15 minutes, either your AR book or your home reader.

Wednesday 25th March

  • Complete the arithmetic test.

Look at class pages

Complete a further 5/15 of your TTRS  garage games.


  • Imagine an alien has landed on Skegness beach. Write a diary entry, you are the alien and you must give as much detail as you can, so that others that follow will know what to expect. Remember to use your FANTASTICS and first person.

  • Using the book that you have listened to online, write 5 questions. Use the question starters, who, what, when, what, why. Look at the question matrix.
  • Draw and label your own version of Butlins. You must include a play area, a swimming pool, a catering section and a selection of rides. Remember!!! This is a family resort and must be suitable for all ages. Each area could be on a separate piece of paper that must be coloured and labelled.
  • Complete 5/15 games on Times Table Rock Star sound check.


Tuesday 24th March

  • Make up a song to help you remember a times table of your choice. Complete 5/15 of your Times Table Rock Star challenges.


Monday 23rd March

Use the timetable below to see the work for today.

  • Write 6,7,8  the time tables in order and ask someone to test you.

  • Use Pobble to answer questions and complete the sentence challenges.

  •  Read the Roald Dahl information from the links below, then answer the questions in your books. 
  • Choose one that you can answer CHALLENGE YOURSELF!!!

You will find the answers at the bottom but no cheating! Mark your work.

  • Be active for half an hour, make up a dance routine for your favourite song or complete the Joe Wick routine.
  • Read your AR book for 15 minutes