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Primary Academy

Y3 - Mrs Turner + Mrs Baxter

Welcome to Y3 - Mrs Turner and Mrs Baxter's class!

This is the place you will find links to support your children's learning - we look forward to hearing what you get up to.

If you are new to our school, do call the office to arrange a visit to meet our Team and see what brilliant things your child could be exploring very soon.

Why not try out our Reading Bingo!  Eyes down and here we go!

Home Learning

Hello, we hope you are all well and are ready to get into your daily learning!  We have set you tasks to complete that will keep everything we have learnt so far fresh in your head.  This will help you when we come back to school.  

Please find time to complete the tasks – they will help keep your brain stay active and stop you from getting bored! 😊 

We have attached a suggested daily timetable to this page which might help you arrange your day so that you have some learning time throughout the day along with playtimes and time to help around the house too!  

Keep in touch with us, we love to hear what you are doing and are here to help with your learning.