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About Our Academy

Here at Seathorne, we are very proud of our safe, happy and inclusive learning environment. We believe all of our pupils should feel valued, respected and supported to fulfil their potential.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries, concerns or if there is anything we can do to help and support you with your child’s learning and school life.

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Stars of the week
  • Week Ending 03.02.23 Stars of the Week: Henley, Jacob, Benjamin, Carter, Alfie, Wyatt, Oliver, Tyler, Shaidon, Vinnie, Zak and Lacie Value Awards: Brooke, Archie, Nate, Hunter, Megan, Lewis, Katelyn, Archie, Ayden, Aven, Whole of Tigers and Orangutans

  • Week Ending 20.01.23 Stars of the Week: Hallie, Ayva, Freddie, Henry, Harry W, Harry A-C, Elliot, Laighton, Mathew, Isaac, James B and James W Value Awards: Vivienne, Tyler, Harlo, Lacey, Libby, Mathew, Brianna, Libby, Skyler, Zoey, Capri, Amelia D

  • Week Ending 06.01.23 Stars of the Week: Jayce, Poppy, Kornel, Jaina, Katie, Arche, Lily, Cruise, Ava, Poppy, Frankie-May, Coen, Junior, Rio, London Value Awards: Isabel, Mia, Hayden. Freddie, Ella-Mae, Alice, Willow, Alexandra, Harbour, Vinnie, Jake, Anastasia

  • Week Ending 09.12.22 Stars of the Week: Iris, Freddie, Shannara, Jenson, Nicola, Dontae, Harry, Neveah, Freddie, Elizabeth, Jude, Ryda Value Awards: Harry, Layla-Lea, Laura, Ronnie, Gia, Wyatt, Matthew, Libby, Emily, Spencer, Kala, Destiny

  • Week Ending 25.11.22 Stars of the Week: Oliver, Sophia, Leo, Alex, Khaleesi, Annie, Selena, Poppy, Paige, Shaidon, Leilani, Alex, Freya Value Awards: Charlie, Jacob, George, Dre, Cecilia, Amelia-Rae, Sienna, Tyler, Dominic, Mason, Callum, Violet

  • Week Ending 07.10.22 Stars of the Week: Isla, Sarah, Kornel, Vienna, Lacie, Jack, Blue, Layle, Lucien, Olivia, Amelia Values Awards: Elise, Justice, Harlo, Emily, Alfie, Dontae, Sam, Cian, Freddie, Leilani, Aaliyah, William