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Primary Academy

Staying Safe

Your safety is very important to us at the Seathorne Primary Academy and we will do everything we can to make sure that you learn in a safe environment.

If you do feel unsafe at any time, tell an adult you trust so that we know about the problem and can deal with it.

On this page, you can click on the links to find out more about our approaches to Anti-Bullying, Digital Citizenship and E-Safety.


Mobile Phones and other SMART technology:

We recognise that mobile phones and other internet-enabled devices are part of everyday life for many children and that they can play an important role in helping pupils to feel safe and secure.

However, mobile devices are capable of more than simply helping a child get in touch with parents at the end of the day.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon parents to understand the capabilities of the phone/device and the potential use and mis-use of those capabilities.

Seathorne Primary Academy discourages children from bringing mobile phones to school if at all possible and other internet -enabled devices are not permitted, due to the potential negative issues that may arise, for example:  

• mobile devices may be lost, stolen or damaged;

• mobile devices can prove a distraction to teaching and learning in school;

 • they may provide a means of bullying or intimidating others;

• risks associated with sharing images and with posting digital images on the internet.

If it is necessary for a child to bring a mobile phone or other internet-enabled devices to school, for example those children in Y5/6 who have permission from parents/carers to walk to/from school on their own, these will be kept in the office for the duration of the school day. Children need to drop their device at the office before entering the school site and collect it after leaving the site at the end of the day. 

The school accepts no responsibility for mobile phones and other devices that are lost, damaged or stolen on school premises or transport, during school visits or trips, or while pupils are travelling to and from school.