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Primary Academy


Here you will find pages for each of our classes with a little bit about each one.

In the event of a Covid closure, we will use these pages alongside Teams to make sure your children can continue learning at home, and continue enjoying being part of Seathorne Primary Academy.

Some classes will be using Microsoft Teams (which can be downloaded as an app on to phones and tablets) to access their learning.  Children will need their email address and password.  Email addresses are their school login followed by  Passwords are the same ones used to log into laptops at school.

Children will need to access airhead in order to get onto their launchpad. Here is a short video explaining how children can access Microsoft Teams through their launchpads.                                             




Here is a short video explaining how to upload files, including photos to Teams.




This video will explain how to access and use OneNote if your child has been asked to use it.




If you are still not sure, you can follow this link to our Greenwood IT Team's support by clicking HERE