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PE & Sport Premium

PE & Sport Funding

PE & Sport Premium funding is being provided by the government to improve Physical Education (PE) and Sport in primary schools. In 2014, the government announced that schools would continue to receive the Sports Premium Funding until 2020. Currently, schools receive a base amount of £16, 000 + £10.00 for each pupil in Years 1-6. The funding will be given directly to primary Principals to improve the quality of PE and Sport for all children. However, we have the freedom to choose how we do this!

How will Seathorne Primary Academy use the funding?
Seathorne Primary School will spend the PE & Sport Premium funding to improve the provision of PE and Sport for all of our children across the school. 

How did we spend the Sport Premium in 2018-2019?
The last academic year, we participated in various inter-school competitions with other schools along the East Coast through the Coastal Primary School Games Cluster. The children enjoyed participating in a range of sporting activities. Some of the funding was used on transport to various festivals and competitions in the area and further afield. 

We have an agreement with JB’s Sport Coaching to deliver some of our sports provision. JB’s Sport Coaching provides the highest possible level of primary physical education services. In doing so, they hope to ensure that all primary school children have the opportunity to regularly partake in enjoyable, physical exercise. We were also able to access events, festivals and CPD opportunities through JB’s Sport Coaching and the Coastal Primary School Games Cluster.

To raise aspirations and the profile of sport across our school, we were visited by a 'Sports for Champions' althlete, Laura Samuels, a triple jumper for Great Britain and Northern Irelend. As well as attending an assembly lead by the athlete, the children also took part in a sponsored fitness circuit on this day and helped raise £419.00 which was shared between school fund and the training of future sports champions.