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Primary Academy

Nursery - Miss Hall

Welcome to Seathorne Nursery!

In the coming weeks as we face school closure, please be assured that we will be on hand to support you with your child's learning journey at home.

We will be using Tapestry as the main portal for sharing activities, and there you are able to upload your evidence as normal. For families, not engaging with Tapestry, you can view the activities and task on this page.

I would strongly encourage you to use Tapestry, and if you require any help please do email me.

I will be reading a story daily, and recording phonics and maths teacher inputs across the week for you to share with your children.

We can do this! #TeamSeathorne

Miss Hall

Daily routines

We always do the following things in Nursery, and if you could continue these at home it would be very beneficial to the children's progress:

  • Weather - What is it like today? What was it like yesterday? Print a weather chart from Twinkl and use to update daily.
  • Days of the week - again, learning the names and talking about today, yesterday and tomorrow.
  • Social self-serve snack times - allow your children to chose and serve themselves from a couple of healthy options, and then help you with clearing up. They are actually very good at this, don't let them pull the wool over your eyes!
  • Story and singing (nursery rhymes, counting songs)

Useful websites - click the purple links

Oak Academy online teaching (Some of the maths content may be appropriate for the Nursery children as they are particularly good at this!)

Phonics Play (Phase 1, and some may be able to access Phase 2)

Top Marks (Early Years)

Twinkl      Offer code is: UKTWINKLHELPS - lots of printables you can use at home for colouring sheets, counting, flashcards, weather charts, pencil control, games etc.

Why not try our Summer Reading Challenge!  Eyes down and here we go!

Over the summer, we would love it if you could take part in our 'Summer Reading Challenge'.  All you need to do is print off the Bingo card, or make a note of when you completed each one.  It's as easy as that!  Certificates will be awarded for taking part, for completing a line and for completing the whole Bingo card.  So get reading!  The Bingo card has been uploaded for you in the downloads below: