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Primary Academy

Meet Our Staff

Principal + DSL

Mr. Matthew Wood

Assistant Principal + DDSL

Miss Lauren Garrill


Mrs. Rianna Hunt

Admin Team

Mrs. Michelle Smith

Mrs. Penny Yates

Site Manager

Mr. Martin Guest

Family Welfare Officer + DDSL

Mrs. Debbi Croxford 

Inclusion and Attendance Officer

Mrs. Beverley Davies


Miss Lynsey Reeves
Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson

English Lead (starting MAT Leave in Term 1)

Mrs. Sophie Horry



Teaching Staff

Red Squirrels - Nursery

Mrs. Tracy Willoughby (Nursery Lead)

Mrs. Kyleigh Ladds (LSA)

Mrs. Kat Pike (LSA)

Mrs. Jade Haigh (LSA)

Honeybees - Reception

Mr. Richard Dennis (EYFS Leader + CT)

Mrs. Lisa Beardsall (LSA)

Hedgehogs - Reception

Miss Savannah Lunn (CT)

Kingfishers – Y1

Miss Alison Marwood (CT)

Ospreys – Y1

Mrs. Aimee Bartlett (CT)

Mrs. Amanda Parish (LSA)

Natterjack Toads - Y2

Miss Philippa Hill (CT)

Mrs. Alison North (LSA)

Mrs. Sue Clarke (LSA)

Miss Melissa Parish (LSA)

Puffins – Y3+4

Mrs. Helen Trevitt-Piercey (CT)

Miss Harriet Gater (CT)

Miss Gemma Miller (LSA)

Blue Whales – Y3+4

Mrs. Marie Dearman (CT)

Mrs. Lisa Fletcher (LSA)

Gorillas - Y3+4

Mrs. Jane O'Brien (CT)

Mrs. Liz Robinson (LSA) am only

Macaws – Y5

Mrs. Zoe Brader (CT)

Miss Lynsey Reeves (HLTA) am only

Orangutans – Y6

Mr. Peter Baker (CT)

Mrs. Sam Armstrong (LSA)


Midday Staff

Cleaning Team

Mrs. Julie Chafer

Mrs. Anne Dreher

Mrs. Carol Scott

Mrs. Leanne Waterhouse

Mrs. Katie Willetts

Mrs. Donna Young

Mrs. Gail Grant

Ms Emma Imbusch

Ms Kara Rook

Mrs. Alison Parkins

Mrs Dawn Cookson

Mrs Anne Dreher

Mrs Penny Lowe

Mrs. Gemma Easton

Mr. Martin Guest
(Site Manager)



Catering Team – First College

PE and Additional Sports provision – JB Sports