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Primary Academy

Free School Meals

This process is Free School Meals for families meeting deprivation criteria.

It is NOT the same as the Universal Free School Meals that all children can have in Reception, Y1 and Y2. Is CAN generate additional support for your child in school, over above the provision of meals.

Who can apply?

We recommend that you apply AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if;

  • You have older children who already qualified some time ago, but you now have younger children who are in in Nursery, Reception, Y1 or Y2.
  • Your work circumstances have changed recently or within the past year.
  • You are in work but your earnings are low – you will not lose anything by applying anyway.

You can apply more than once. If your application is rejected now, you can try again in a week’s time or at any point at which your circumstances change.

Please do this even if you have not been successful in the past, as you may now be eligible.

How to Apply

To use the Parent Portal you will need

- a valid E-mail address

- to create a memorable password.  

- your National Insurance Number, or your NASS number.

Please follow this link to start your application;

This is also the site you use for applications for Reception class and for Secondary School places when the times comes. Some of you may already have an account if you have recently applied for a school place.

You will need to create an account with each child’s details. Once the account is created, your child’s name appears with the ‘Apply For Free School Meals’ tab next to it. The instructions are easy to follow.